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As a leading technology provider for renewable energy, we intend to promote mutual prosperity by harvesting sustainable and renewable energy through biogas based technologies.

‘’NEERU’’ was incorporated with an aim to providing solutions to effect the carbon impact (global warming) of business operations and to meet green energy requirements in public private sector/companies and institutions. We provides Turnkey/EPC contract services, developing biogas based renewable energy projects in India

We generate Renewable Energy, the Green Energy of the future. You just name the type and quantity of the waste to be treated/disposed off—anything under the sun—and we will create the solution and present it to you with details of the technology, area required and renewable energy in the form of Biogas/Steam/Electricity/Organic manuregenerated.


We have provided technical support, installed twenty five (25) animal dung/alternative feed based captive power generation biogas projects in Agriculture Farms and Institutions.

We have installed over 4771 domestic biogas plants in rural areas and approximately 1400 fixed chulahs (traditional cooking stove) in Institutions and Dhabas.

We have constructed over 36 large size Biogas plants at various institutions,which is being used for heating purposes.

The gas formed by the fermentation of the organic compounds. Such as animal manure. Agricultural residues. The effluent from the industry. The organic material is fermented. And microbial degradation in air temperature and humidity that cause gas. Biogas is a gas with a mixture of various gases. Which are flammable. Can be utilized as fuel for cooking, lighting, or used as fuel for power generation. As with gas cylinders, liquid containers are available in the market.
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